Infinidungeon: The Gates of Aguafuus
Infinidungeon: The Gates of Aguafuus
Infinidungeon: The Gates of Aguafuus
Infinidungeon: The Gates of Aguafuus
Infinidungeon: The Gates of Aguafuus

Infinidungeon: The Gates of Aguafuus

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Introducing the Infinidungeon Scroll | Over 5,000 scrolls sold

The Gates of Aguafuus

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  • Stop drawing maps, get straight to playing
  • Huge play surface for endless encounters
  • It scrolls! Roll to reveal with functional fog of war
  • Extremely durable, water-resistant
  • Wet erase for custom map modifications
  • Comes with a pre-written 10 page PDF adventure that will blow your mind!
  • Hand-drawn maps create a fully immersive environment filled with hazards, treasures, and secret areas
  • Usable with our static cling sticker packs
Handles not included (Sold Separately)

The Infinidungeon is 40 sq. ft. of dungeon building, dungeon crawling madness.

Each Infinidungeon is 20 ft long by 24 inches wide. 

Pre-printed with a 1-inch grid. Perfect for building sprawling maps and dungeons.

Roll to reveal - Pre create maps and roll to sections as you need them adding a real fog of war to your miniature games!

The Gates of Aguafuus

In The Gates of Aguafuus step into the realm of the fantastic. Bright colors and vibrant paths light these dangerous corridors. A portal to the fey is sure to keep everyone on their toes. Stop the ritual!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stewart Sinex
3 Gear Games Review

They are very durable and great quality overall! The packaging needs to be a bit better so our customers can see what they are getting. However, when we show them our library copy, they are really impressed with the artwork as well as how long the scrolls are.

Tyce Providence
A solid map in size and quality

Really glad that I got to review the map beforehand on the shop so I knew what I’d be getting my hands on and it delivered! Sizable and spacious and pairs well with the map rollers so that the don’t slide around too much.

Pathfinder Teacher
More like “Infinifungeon!”

Okay, so I’m a dad and a teacher. If your not cringing at my puns, I’m not doing my job. But seriously, Yarro is making some incredible stuff. I bought the Gate of Aguafuus for my RPG club, and I am so excited to see their faces when I roll out this beauty! I was a little worried it might be on easy to rip paper or something, but it is more like some sort of tarp material, that seems super durable. The art on it is incredible. What’s more I got an amazing deal: they gave me a blank scroll (that was a limited time offer) then they also threw in some extra spell decals to use with it!
I should have known it would be quality since this is not my first Yarro purchase. I have been using their Immersive Battle Maps for some time. I can usually adapt them to whatever I need for my Pathfinder campaigns, and the book makes it easy for me to improvise with my students.

Good job Yarro, I’m excited to see what you come up with next!

Michael D.J.
Amazing Maps

I am always impressed with the quality of items you guys offer.

Devin McDonald

I like how it’s both one continuous map while certain areas on it give a unique theme and encounter On its own. It’s a sturdy material and great for any mishaps that can occur!