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Flipdie Dice Coin - The First Dice You Flip Like a Coin

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Pieces of Fate FlipDie: Seven Realms Dice Coin Set Delve into the realm of wonder with this meticulously crafted set, which includes:

  • 7 exquisitely designed metal dice coins representing D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, and D20.
  • A finely detailed carrying and display box with a foam insert to safeguard your treasures.
  • A neoprene rolling mat adorned with captivating artwork, providing a delightful backdrop for your rolls.

Pieces of Fate FlipDie: Dragons Dice Coin Set Embark on a journey of mythical proportions with this enchanting set, featuring:

  • 7 intricately themed metal dice coins encompassing D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, and D20.
  • A purpose-built carrying and display box with a foam insert, ensuring your dragon-inspired dice coins are secure and alluringly presented.
  • An artistically rendered neoprene rolling mat that showcases unique designs, elevating your gaming experience.

Pieces of Fate FlipDie: Bundle Pack For the ultimate gaming aficionado, we proudly offer the Bundle Pack that combines the best of both worlds:

  • The complete Seven Realms dice coin set, complete with the aforementioned set accessories for storage, display, and rolling.
  • The captivating Dragon dice coin set, accompanied by its dedicated set accessories. Now, both realms of fate are at your fingertips, ready to enhance your gaming escapades.

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