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Infinidungeon: Blank Grid

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Introducing the Infinidungeon Scroll | Over 5,000 scrolls sold

The Blank Grid

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  • Huge play surface for endless encounters
  • It scrolls! Roll to reveal with functional fog of war
  • Extremely durable, water-resistant
Handles not included (Sold Separately)

The Infinidungeon is 40 sq. ft. of dungeon building, dungeon crawling madness.

Each Infinidungeon is 20 ft long by 24 inches wide.

Pre-printed with a 1-inch grid. Perfect for building sprawling maps and dungeons.

Roll to reveal - Pre create maps and roll to sections as you need them adding a real fog of war to your miniature games!

Blank Grid

With the Blank DIY Gridded Scroll, you can create whatever your heart desires. Taking wet-erase markers and static cling stickers it's your turn to design the dungeon or adventure of your choice! Wet erasable and takes static cling stickers As seen on Kickstarter!

40 square feet of beautiful art!

Fits perfectly on any gaming table!

Unlimited possibilities with multiple scrolls!

Spill proof for all your messy party members!

So many different terrains to explore!

Use the Yarro Studios Map books too!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Holds on to marks more than any other map we have

We have had this map for awhile now and I actually came back to the website in order to see if there were some special instructions for how to clean this thing because we have tried every tip and trick we could find with no luck. And it isn’t about how long the marker is left on the map because even when putting the marker down and cleaning it within a minute, it still leaves color behind in the texture of the map. I would include pictures if I could. These are also markers that we have used with no problem on other maps for years (aside from red which is always a problem child). I would never recommend this map to anybody. Very cool concept, poor execution. And that isn’t even getting into how frustrating it is to roll and unroll. If you don’t have somebody else to help you then it really becomes a headache. But that would be fine if the map worked for its intended purpose, which it really doesn’t at this point

Jose Perez
Poor Map Quality/No Map handles

Map quality is mid, not worth the price, what is the point of drawing out a dungeon if it’s just gonna stain the Matt, loses replay ability, no map handles provided only the scroll, very weird as almost every picture featured of the scroll has the map handles, map handles have been unavailable on the site for months, do not recommend.

Is not wet erase

This is an amazing idea, but it is not wet erase. If you leave any amount of marker on the map for more than a few minutes it will stain and not come up.

Greg Williams
Well made

We just had our first session with the blank scroll and it worked like a charm. It's a bit tricky without the handles, as the roll has a tendency to try and unroll, but our dice boxes served as temporary stoppers. Looking forward to the handles getting back in stock.

joshua maze

Infinidungeon: Blank Grid