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Extra large compared to other folding tables.
Easily combine 2 tables for larger games like Warhammer.

What is Gamefold?

Gamefold is an innovative, premium folding gaming table that combines affordability with versatility. Its rock-solid design, dice-friendly lip, and 3.25'x5.75' size (~ 175.26 cm x 99.06 cm) make it perfect for various indoor and outdoor activities, from board games to puzzles. Gamefold's standout feature is its built-in rail, allowing for easy customization with add-ons.

What's the difference between Gamefold and other gaming tables?

Our patent-pending Gamefold gaming table is foldable, versatile, and budget-friendly, offering customization options, while regular gaming tables are stationary and less portable.


What makes Gamefold the ideal gaming table?

Gamefold is a versatile gaming table that can be folded up for easy storage. It features a built-in 360° rail system with three separate rails (triple rails) around the table, allowing users to attach, customize, and even slide various accessories for an enhanced gaming experience.

Is Gamefold budget-friendly?

Gamefold offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional gaming tables, often priced in the thousands of dollars.

Measurement and Colors

Gamefold dimensions are 5.75' x 3.25' (~ 175.26 cm x 99.06 cm). The height is 24"-34" with adjustable legs! (around 61- 86.36 cm) and has a perfect 1.5" rail. The playable area dimensions are 5.5' x 3' (~ 168 cm x 91.4 cm).

We are offering the Gamefold in 2 colors: Black and Brown. You will choose your preferred color before we ship your order.

For those seated at the heads of the table, we have introduced custom hardware that accommodates 12" of clearance so anyone can sit there! 
Please check the "stretch goals" section for more info about new features.

Folded Measurement

~85cm x 99cm x 15cm
Easy set up


Estimated Delivery: Sep/2024

What sets Gamefold Apart?

Here are the key differentiators:

  1. Folds down to 3.25' x 2.875' for easy storability, portability, and carrying. Need something powerful but not permanent? The Gamefold is for you.
  2. A built-in aluminum rail system for attachments and easy customization. Being 40 series rail means that there is a plethora of attachments readily available on the market and building custom attachments is a snap!
  3. Solid and durable. High-density polyethylene and extruded aluminum mean this table can take a beating! Don't worry about spills or tossing the table around a bit!
  4. Affordable. Get everything those expensive gaming tables have and more for a fraction of the price.

Gamefold was purposefully designed to be the ultimate gaming table.


The Gamefold tabletop is made from high-density polyethylene that provides superior strength and durability. It is UV-protected and designed to resist stains, making it easy to clean and maintain. 

Easy to clean

The Gamefold Frame is made of steel and is powder-coated to prevent rusting and increase durability. Features a locking frame that keeps the table securely in place when in use, providing added stability and safety.

The Gamefold Rail is made out of 6105-T5 aluminum with a black anodized finish and is compatible with all 40 Series fasteners and accessories. The same material is used in industrial ladders!

How many people can Gamefold accommodate?

Gamefold comfortably seats up to 6 people, and for those occasions when you need even more space, you have the option to connect an additional Gamefold table. Our connector kit snaps into place once the rails are removed creating a super sturdy play area!

What People Are Saying

Gamefold testimonials and in-person reviews

Gamefold Main Features

Dice-friendly lip

Gamefold has a raised edge all around the table to make sure your dice don't go rolling away when you're playing games.

Foldable yet sturdy design

Gamefold folds up and down quickly for a small footprint when not in use and a big impact on game night. 

Easy to assemble

Built-In Rails for customization 

Gamefold's built-in rail system provides a complete 360-degree channel around the table, allowing you to slide items seamlessly around the corners.

3 rail attachment points: Outer, Top, and Inside the table.

The built-in rail system comprises three separate rails
1. One rail on the outside edge 
2. One rail at the top 
3. One rail inside the table along the side.

With three separate rails, you can attach multiple accessories while keeping the remaining rails available for additional attachments.

The built-in rail system empowers users to attach various accessories and add-ons, enhancing the table's functionality to suit diverse gaming needs and enabling easy customization.

Adding or removing attachments from the rail is incredibly straightforward, making customization a breeze.

Built-in Rail System

Customization and Personalization

Gamefold is designed to be easily personalized with decorations or custom attachments, allowing you to create a gaming space that truly reflects your unique style and preferences. Using our built-in rails, you can attach almost anything, making the possibilities virtually endless.

We are working on various add-ons that you will be able to decorate your table with. See below what we are working on and help us decide during the campaign what things we should create!

Custom design featuring a skull (this is optional)

We will offer STL files for decoration (like the skull).


Unlike some other folding tables, Gamefold stands out for its exceptional stability and durability because of the built-in rail system and materials chosen. 

Easy storage

Gamefold folds in seconds, into a compact package that can fit in a car or easily store it under a bed or in a closet.

Easy storage

Carrying Handle

Gamefold can easily be carried using a carrying handle.

Store it under a bed or in a closet

Endless Possibilities with Gamefold

1. Board Games, Tabletop and Card Games: Gamefold is perfect for traditional board games, Tabletop and card games.

2. RPG and Miniature Wargaming: Gamefold is also ideal for role-playing games (RPGs) and miniature wargaming.

3. Puzzles: Enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles of different sizes and complexities.

4. Lego Creations: Use Gamefold as a platform for building intricate Lego creations.

5. Dining Table (with Topper Add-On): Transform Gamefold into a dining table. Easily switch from gaming to dining by adding the Gamefold topper, allowing you to enjoy meals or take breaks comfortably. Simply remove the topper to resume your gaming activities seamlessly. Please note that this option requires the "Topper" add-on.

6. Work and Study (with Topper Add-On): It can serve as a functional workspace for tasks, studying, or remote work. Please note that this option requires the "Topper" add-on.

7. Poker Nights: Host poker games with friends using Gamefold as a poker table.

8. Art and Craft: Pursue art and craft hobbies like painting, model-making, or crafting jewelry

9. Outdoor Activities: Its portability makes it suitable for outdoor use during camping trips or picnics, accommodating various outdoor games and activities.
Furthermore, the built-in rail system can accommodate almost any tool, such as lights, fishing equipment, camping gear, and so on.

Combine 2 Gamefolds (requires an add-on)

Combine two Gamefold tables with our connector kit (add-on) to expand your tabletop to a generous 6 feet by 5.75 feet. Ideal for larger gatherings, accommodating more players, or enjoying spacious gameplay. 

Enhance your Gamefold gaming table by choosing from our premium add-ons, designed to take your gaming and leisure experiences to new heights. These add-ons are available at an additional cost to the basic table


You have the option to include selected add-ons with your order.

All add-on pricing is in USD

The current add-ons pricing could see an increase, so we encourage you to order today with discounted pricing.

Topper Game Saver

Gamefold Topper is a set of four boards that create a flat surface on top of your gaming table, serving as a regular dining or workspace area and featuring a convenient dry-erase whiteboard on the flip side. With the topper, you'll enjoy almost 2 inches of clearance above your gaming setup.

The Toppesr works with the combined tables

Dining or Work Mode: Easily turn your gaming table into a classy dining setting or a functional workspace. Take a break, enjoy a meal, and get back to your game with ease.

Dining or Work Mode
Dining or Work Mode

Dry-Erase Whiteboard: Flip the Topper boards, and you've got an instant dry-erase board for notes, sketches, RPG maps and more.

Dry-Erase Topper
Dry-Erase Topper
Save the game for later

Neoprene Gaming Mat

Upgrade your gaming surface with our premium single-side mat. 3'x5.5' to cover the entire surface of the table!
Exquisite stitching, a non-slip rubber bottom for stability, generous thickness, and a range of stylish colors.
Choose from solid colors or printed designs. Bundles are available

We plan to offer a variety of mats, including the possibility of grid options. Back the campaign and stay tuned for more updates.

Mats will be chosen later on. Designs are not final*
Neoprene Gaming Mat. Cardgame Green 


Gamefold Shelves are the ultimate gaming companions, expanding your gaming space effortlessly and seamlessly integrating into our built-in rail system.

Shelf (add-on) installation

Cup Holders

Secure your beverages!
Our Gamefold Cup Holders offer versatile convenience. Attach them to either the top rail or the outside rail for quick access during gameplay.

Cup holders (add-on)
Also known as "Dice Trays"


The fixed tray connects the same way as the cupholders and shelves 

We offer two types of trays: small ones that are fixed and larger ones that can slide. Both are great for snacks, cards, dice, and more.

Small quick access tray. 4"x5"
Large Sliding Tray 8"x8"

Dice Info: Our dice trays are made to help you roll the dice neatly, making sure the game is fair. You can use them with regular dice or Flipdie dice coins. For the best experience, use the trays with the top rail. The larger trays come with sliding capabilities built-in.
These trays are ideal for snacks, cards, game tokens, small accessories, miniatures, or any small components.

Yarro Studios Scrolls

The scroll is a large RPG map that can be rolled out as the game progresses.

  1. The scrolls come with a grid for gameplay convenience.
  2. These updated scrolls are designed to fit into the Gamefold.
  3. Each scroll measures approximately 20 feet in length (around 6 meters).
  4. We are currently offering 6 scrolls, each featuring different artwork, and one scroll that comes blank with a grid. Please note that some scrolls/designs are available on our website for immediate shipment.
Scrolls (add-on)

Table Connector Kit

Our Connector Kit (Add-On) enables you to link two Gamefolds together, expanding your gaming space from 6 feet x 3 feet to 6 feet x 6 feet.

Connecting 2 Gamefolds

Additional Features

+table dimensions increased. (Included with all tables.)

+Adjustable table height with adjustable legs. (Included with all tables.)

+Improved leg room for the head of table seating. (Included with all tables.)

+Cable management trenches. (Included with all tables.)

+Universal brackets. (Available as an add-on.)

+Phone Holder. (Available as an add-on.)

+Carrying cases for the tables/accessories. (Available as an add-on.)

+Half-width Shelves. (Available as an add-on.)

+Skull Corner Caps. (Available as an add-on.)


Skull corner caps

Shipping Costs & Taxes

Estimated Shipping Costs by Region for one Gamefold Table:
Please note that these are our best estimates and are subject to change.

Estimated Shipping Costs:

United States: $60-85
Canada: $80-95
United Kingdom: $70-90
Australia: $75-95
EU: $75-95

Countries we ship to:

-United States
-United Kingdom
-EU (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway*, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland*)

*May be higher than the EU average

Other countries:

We currently offer Gamefold to a specific set of countries. If your country is not included, please fill out this form and we will let you know once it is available.

Shipping Notes, Taxes & Disclaimers

1.  Shipping Rate Changes
Our shipping rates are our best estimates right now and may change. Actual shipping costs will be collected closer to the shipping date. Shipping cost is not included in your order. We are currently obtaining quotes from potential shipping partners, and our work to find the best shipping option is ongoing.
We strive to find the most simple and cost effective solution for each backer.

2. Special Shipping Locations
Shipping costs may be higher for certain rural areas, such as Alaska and Hawaii (USA), and remote locations in Europe and other regions.

3. Taxes and Duties
Our logistics team and tax consultants believe our product fits the criteria for tax exempt and therefore taxes and duties will be minimal/reduced significantly. That said, the exempt is not granted (yet) and can be declined.
Please note that these are our best estimates based on the exempt and are subject to change.  Actual tax/duties costs will be collected closer to the shipping date. These costs are not included in your order.

Estimated Taxes & Duties Costs:
USA: Minimal expected taxes. Less than 3% on average of total order value including cost of shipping.
EU: Between 5% to 10% of total order value including cost of shipping.
UK: Between 5% to 10% of total order value including cost of shipping.
Canada: 13% of total order value including cost of shipping.
Australia: Between 5% to 8% of total order value including cost of shipping.

Note: We are actively working to find cost-effective shipping routes and partnerships with shipping providers to reduce or eliminate duties and import taxes whenever possible (and applicable by law).

4. Add-Ons Shipping Costs
Shipping rates mentioned above apply to a single Gamefold table. We are still evaluating whether add-ons can be included in the same package or require a separate shipment. The add-on shipping costs should be significantly lower than the Gamefold shipping costs.
- For the Gamefold Plus we expect an additional shipping cost of around $15-$30 USD. 
- For the Gamefold plus topper we expect an additional shipping cost of around $20-$40 USD. 

Gamefold Creation Timeline

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