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This book is Fantastic! We have used it in several of our in-person gaming sessions - far more than we anticipated. Super handy to pull out for a quick encounter and travels well! Highly recommend.

Diana H.

Had a great coastal adventure tonight. This map was perfect for it. Playing a "Privateer" crew on the high seas.

Jason H.

My Battle Map book has been an essential part of my games ever since I first got it, whether I am using it on the fly or pre-planning combat.

Matthew A.


We created these books to make RPGs more immersive and fun. Our books quickly became a viral sensation. With over 35,000 books and scrolls shipped out and over 20,000 happy backers our kickstarters are some of the most funded table top projects ever! We hope that we can share our passion for these games with you.

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Fight evil wherever you find it!

Our Immersive Battle Map books offer a large selection of varied locations and environments for your heroes to battle in.

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Our re-usable stickers allow you to easily add spell effects to any encounter. Check out what is availble in the re-usable sticker packs now.

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