The First Dice You Flip Like A Coin!

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7-dice coin set; Made out of metal; for RPG, Tabletop, or just for fun.

One coin, many features.

Regular dice have been around for thousands of years, we need your help to do something different; Dice Coins.

What is FlipDie?

Our first set, "Pieces of Fate," are made with a Zinc Alloy that is tremendously strong, holds incredible detail, and has a machine-tooled interior to provide random fair results every single time.

"Roll a will save to avoid the temptation of backing this campaign" "nat 1"

Introducing the most unique 7-dice set you have ever seen. Bye-bye colorful plastic. Hello, beautiful shiny dice coins!

These highly thematic dice coins are perfect for incorporating into your adventure's lore or just simply using them as your go-to set of dice! 

Your fate lies within the flip of a coin!

What is the difference between FlipDie and regular dice?

Our patent pending FlipDie is a metal dice coin that has the same functionality as dice or any other random number generator, but instead of rolling it, you flip it like a coin!

Arrrrre you ready kids?

Completely immerse yourself in the game and your character. 

Easy to Use

Just flip it, toss it or spin it like you would a regular coin.

When you 'roll' a FlipDie dice coin, a solid steel ball bearing chaotically ricochets around the inside of the dice coin. As the FlipDie settles on a flat surface, the bearing slides down one of the sloped channels to reveal itself along the edge of the coin.

*ting... ting, ting... ti ting..

Quick to read: just like regular dice

When the coin settles, just look for the ball bearing! The number above the bearing is your result!

With a quick glance, you can get results just as fast as regular dice. The colored ball bearing and the soft-enamel highlighted numbers make it quick and easy to read just like any other set of dice. 

Balanced and Fair

Each coin is milled to a fine tolerance of +/-0.025mm, which allows the bearing to move around freely within the coin without obstruction. 

Smooth mirrored finish.

These slanted channels allow for perfect randomness even on the most unlevelled table. FlipDie dice coins will continue to give fair and accurate results even at a 10 to 20-degree surface pitch!

If your table looks like this... fix your table!

D20 FlipDie 'Rolled' 1000 Times

The chart below shows a 1000-roll comparison of our d20 FlipDie dice coin with Chessex and Game Science d20s. As you can see, the randomness and balance are on par with the industry's leading dice manufacturers.

Here is the D12 flipped 200 times with similarly stunning results

Super Durable

Once the bearing is inside, we braze (hard solder) the two halves of each dice coin together, fusing them into 1 solid piece of metal, making these coins nearly indestructible through normal use!

Once sealed the dice coins are designed so that the bearing will not come loose or fall out of the coin unless acted upon by an unnatural force. Each ball bearing is 3mm in diameter, making it too large to fit through the 2.5 mm wide openings along the coin's edge. Edge and surface cutaways allow easy viewing of the bearing without the risk of it slipping through. 

Easy to clean

Our metal Dice Coins are made with a zinc alloy and stainless steel ball-bearing making them corrosion and rust-resistant. If they ever gunk up, you can wash them with water and rinse them to dry then use toss them again like they were brand new!

Go all in and throw a stack at once!

There are few things more satisfying than throwing multiple dice at once... and throwing a full stack of Dice Coins is one of them. Go ALL IN against monsters by stacking and throwing all your coins!

5 Different sets to choose from!


Seven Realms (Pieces of Fate)

Gold (currently unavailable)

Silver (currently unavailable)

Bronze (currently unavailable)

'Pieces of Fate' is our first FlipDIe set. Each dice coin is carefully crafted to be quickly readable and unique. Each of the coins in this 7-die set has a unique theme and has been beautifully sculpted into 7 truly remarkable pieces of art! 


Each FlipDie has an intricately sculpted design on both faces as well as around its edge requiring a special 6-way mold to ensure we remain true to the design. Once molded, the two halves of the coin are precisely aligned and brazed (hard soldered) together with the bearing inside.

A Dice Coin From Each Realm. 

Forged from the ever-flowing fires of Mount Garagangelese, the seven Pieces of Fate bear powerful magic that only increases when they are gathered together. Discover the coins and their patron realms below.

The Dwarven Ferrin (d4)

The dwarves are a proud and mighty race that lives closely in tune with nature and the environment. The Dwarven Ferrin depicts a dwarven barbarian wielding two flagons of ale. This represents their warrior spirit and rich culture of alcohol production. On the far side a boar, the dwarven realm’s mascot, represents dwarven values of endurance, constitution, and determination. The dwarven realm is located to the northeast of the Capital.

The Hellish Lynx (d6)

The Dark Lord Baphomet formerly ruled the bureaucracy of Hell with an iron fist, but rumors say his strong will is weakening. Now the devil princes vie for power, slowly amassing armies to serve warlords under their power. The axe-wielding goatman on one side of the Hellish Lynx is a standard footsoldier in the fiendish armies, with the Dark Lord Baphomet pictured on the reverse. Hell lies to the east of the Capital.

The Krellin Goonie (d8)

Ruled by a wickedly clever pirate king, Krell is the realm of seafarers and pirates to the southeast of the Capital. The Goonie is faceted by a beautiful siren, one of the mascots of Krell. She represents the alluring call of treasure and wealth that all pirates and adventurers hear, but also the dangers of overindulgence. Despite this symbolism, the pirate king and his lieutenants seem to acquire all the wealth they possibly can. The far side of the Goonie shows a Kraken about to attack a ship. This is the king’s favorite way of conquering victims.

The Aranid Nox (d10)

The Three Strings of Aranidia fill the badlands to the northwest of the Capital. Colossal webs string together spiring natural pillars of weathered rock, ruled by the benevolent grace of the Spider Queen. She appears on both sides of the Nox, once in her humanoid shape and once in her spider form. Her kingdom has three distinct sections: the Canopy, the Colonnades, and the Foundation. Never venture into the Foundation unless you wish for a slow, painful death.

The Crow Piece (d%)

Among the vampire aristocrats of Blackfall, human slaves live in luxury and eat nutritious meals on fine china. Blood bag is a comfortable job for them. Among the small villages ruled by vampire peasants, humans work long, grueling days during muggy summers and frigid winters, only to come home to be sucked dry of their life-giving fluids. An uprising of serfs against lords is imminent. Father Carrigan, the eldest living vampire, and ruler of the realm, is depicted on one side of the Crow Piece. The other features his castle, the government’s seat of power. Blackfall sits to the west of the Capital.

The Theasian Column (d12)


 Theaseus is the only true republic of the seven realms, governed by a council of twelve electors voted into power by the four Theasian states. They worship both Ra, god of the sun, life, and war, and Mumbasku, goddess of the moon, death, and magic. This leads the nation’s clerics to practice healing and necromancy in equal measure. On one side of their national coin, a skeleton wields a shield depicting the sun, the moon, a wand, and a sword - the four symbols of the two Theasian gods. On the other side of the coin is a medusa, the nation’s mascot and a representative of both beauty and power.

The Capital Mark (d20)

The dragon is the symbol of the Capital, located at the center of the seven realms. The Capital honors power, cunning, domination, and wealth, just like dragons do. Unlike dragons, who splurge and hoard without end, the Capital’s predominately human citizenry practice self-mastery and moderation in all things. But the Hierophant Cornelius does not live by these standards: he is taking advantage of growing unrest in the other six realms to overpower them, take control of their economies, and forcibly unify the realms under his control.

2 years condensed into a single image

The Box and Mat

The box art includes homages from each coin in beautiful jade paneling.

This panel depicts the constant struggle between the Thesians and Krell
Surrounding the logo, are the Capital and Hell. The constant battle of Good vs Evil, waged so long, good has since been forgotten
The minor realms, used as pawns. Blackfell, the Dwarves, and the Arinids.

The sleeves will be die-cut to reflect broken jade and hit with a UV spot treatment to make them really shine.

The flipping mat

The seven kingdoms of the citadel.

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