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Immersive Battle Map Book Vol II [FUTURE] (Digital Download)

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  • Use in cyberpunk, futuristic, and sci-fi settings as well as fantasy
  • 25 hand-drawn maps create a fully immersive environment filled with hazards, treasures, and secret areas
  • Includes 5 massive spaceship maps
  • Stop drawing maps, get straight to playing
  • Huge play surface for endless encounters

  • Download Details:

    • ZIP file containing each map and its variants (1.9 GB)
    • Most maps are 17 inches tall by 22 inches wide (4 sheets of printer paper)
    • Two maps are 17 inches tall by 33 inches wide
    • Two maps are 17 inches tall by 44 inches wide
    • One map is 17 inches tall by 52 inches wide
    • 1-inch square, 1-inch hex, and no grid options for most maps
    • Low (72 dpi, JPG) and high (300 dpi, PNG) resolution version of all grid options
    • All low resolution versions are less than 5 MB in size, making them compatible with all your favorite VTTs

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Awesome and flexible

    Me and my group like to eat and drink while playing and they are perfect for the table setting since they get dirty and I don’t care or I’ll even just project it onto the table either way I love the flexibility of these map pages and I look forward to future projects that Yarro comes out with.
    P.S. I usually print of the pages I need before hand and throw them in laminate makes cleanup easy especially after a couple spilt drinks

    Matthew Smith

    Immersive Battle Map Book Vol II [FUTURE] (Digital Download)

    Emma B

    Such beautiful maps for Sci fi settings!

    matthew mcfadden
    In space no one can hear you fail a death saving throw

    I used this as a supplement for a space 5e game where my players where stuck on a colony ship infested with xenomorphs(not included in this). I played it using the space freighter scroll, the weapons and spells along with some ships Stats made my life easier. One thing I would like be added is more things to do for ship to ship combat.

    I do recommend it to give you some ideas for your next space game.

    Kenneth Sieffert

    Immersive Battle Maps Vol II [FUTURE] (Digital Download)