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Immersive Battle Atlas [PLAINSCAPES] (Digital Download)

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This massive collection of extraordinary battle maps is perfect for both on-the-go or stay-at-home game masters! With over 40 hand-drawn maps by a professional artist, you can create a fully immersive environment filled with hazards, treasures, and secret areas. 

For use in fantasy settings, discover why our products have raised over $2 million on Kickstarter alone.


  • Stop drawing maps, get straight to playing – 42 maps by professional artists from around the world
  • Massive play space – 17” by 22” surface for endless encounters
  • Wide variety – desert, aquatic, forest, plains, steampunk, and building interiors
  • Immediate access to your favorites – digital downloads are instantly available online

Download Details:

  • ZIP file containing each map and its variants (2.0 GB)
  • Maps are 17 inches tall by 22 inches wide (4 sheets of printer paper)
  • 1-inch square grid for each map
  • Low (72 dpi, JPG) and high (300 dpi, PNG) resolution versions
  • All low resolution versions are less than 5 MB in size, making them compatible with all your favorite VTTs
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Keegan Dougherty

    Immersive Battle Atlas [PLAINSCAPES] (Digital Download)

    Lodewijk Boute
    Beautiful art and very handy tool!

    My review will encompass all different titles, for it is applicable for all of them:

    The sheets seem quite large and thus ripe for a lot of adventures. Besides the fact that the artwork is beautiful, the maps are also a great tool for either inspiration or quick action.
    Your players are wandering in a cave and are suddenly attacked by spiders and you need a map quickly to play out this encounter: no problem, Yarro Studios has you covered!
    You are struggling for a location and what kind of encounter would be appropriate? Just shift through the different maps and let them be the source of your inspiration for an encounter and the creatures and/or situations your players will find themselves in. Here also Yarro Studios has you covered!

    I found myself using the panels as a start for a session as well as a start for an entire adventure. In my opinion, those maps are real gems.

    In short: a handy tool for any dungeon master who wants to bring his or her game up to the next level!

    Barry Chapman
    Amazing maps to use with Roll20!

    The various digital map packs helps me ensure I have access to any environment I wish to put my players in.

    Adam Toulmin
    Immersive Battle Atlas [PLAINSCAPES] (Digital Download)

    Great work.

    Emma B
    Love it!

    These maps are so beautiful! Thanks guys for creating a great product!