FlipDie Coin Dice Kickstarter

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The First and Only Dice Coin Set

FlipDie - 7 dice set that you flip like coins; Made out of metal; for RPG, Tabletop, or just for fun!

Our first set, "Pieces of Fate," are made with a Zinc Alloy that is tremendously strong, holds incredible detail, and has a machine-tooled interior to provide random fair results every single time.

What is the difference between FlipDie and regular dice?

A FlipDie is a metal coin that has the same functionality as dice or any other random number generator, but instead of rolling it, you flip it like a coin!


Quick to read: just like regular dice

When the coin settles, just look for the ball bearing! The number above the bearing is your result!

With a quick glance, you can get results just as fast as regular dice. The colored ball bearing and the soft-enamel highlighted numbers make it quick and easy to read just like any other set of dice.

Balanced and Fair

Each coin is milled to a fine tolerance of +/-0.025mm, which allows the bearing to move around freely within the coin without obstruction.

These slanted channels allow for perfect randomness even on the most unlevelled table. FlipDie will continue to give fair and accurate results even at a 10 to 20 degree surface pitch!


D20 FlipDie 'Rolled' 1000 Times

The chart below shows a 1000-roll comparison of our d20 FlipDie coin with Chessex and Game Science d20s. As you can see, the randomness and balance are on par with the industry's leading dice manufacturers.

Super Durable

Once the bearing is inside, we braze (hard solder) the two halves of each coin together, fusing them into 1 solid piece of metal, making these coins nearly indestructible through normal use!

Once sealed the coins are designed so that the bearing will not come loose or fall out of the coin unless acted upon by unnatural force. Each ball bearing is 3mm in diameter, making it too large to fit through the 2.5 mm wide openings along the coin's edge. Edge and surface cutaways allow easy viewing of the bearing without the risk of it slipping through.

 A Full Dice Set

'Pieces of Fate' is our first FlipDie set. Each die is carefully crafted to be quickly readable and unique. Each of the coins in this 7-die set has a unique theme and has been beautifully sculpted into 7 truly remarkable pieces of art!


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