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CASE (15): Infinidungeon Mix-n-Match Bundle

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15 scrolls per box! (15 units) $30 per scroll

MSRP $60 per scroll

This bundle pack costs more per scroll because you can hand select the scrolls you want in the bundle adding up to 15 scrolls. 

For example, you could order 2x of each printed scroll (6 different maps) and 3 blank gridded scrolls.

(6 colored scrolls x 2) + 3 blank scrolls = 15 scrolls

Just put in the order notes which scrolls you want. Please note the scrolls out-of-stock in case packs are also unavailable for these bundles.


  • This bundle includes ALL of our scrolls! Over 240 SQ. FT. of play surface!
  • Stop drawing maps, get straight to playing
  • Huge play surface for endless encounters
  • It scrolls! Roll to reveal with functional fog of war
  • Extremely durable, water-resistant
  • Hand-drawn maps create a fully immersive environment filled with hazards, treasures, and secret areas

Each Infinidungeon scroll has 40 sq. ft. of dungeon building, dungeon crawling madness.

Each Infinidungeon is 20 ft long by 24 inches wide.

Pre-printed with a 1-inch grid. Perfect for building sprawling maps and dungeons.

Roll to reveal - Pre create maps and roll to sections as you need them adding a real fog of war to your miniature games!

Choose from 6 different scrolls including a Blank DIY scroll!

The Blank DIY Gridded Scroll
With the Blank DIY Gridded Scroll, you can create whatever your heart desires. Taking wet-erase markers and static cling stickers it's your turn to design the dungeon or adventure of your choice! Wet erasable and takes static cling stickers As seen on Kickstarter!

The Gates of Aguafuus 
In The Gates of Aguafuus step into the realm of the fantastic. Bright colors and vibrant paths light these dangerous corridors. A portal to the fey is sure to keep everyone on their toes. Stop the ritual!
From the Gates to the Castle
In From the Gates to the Castle scale the ramparts, push through the city. Starting in the lower districts you will quickly find yourself among the wealthy. Push to the castle and stop the king!

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