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PRE-ORDER: Flipdie—World's First Dice You Flip Like a Coin (Estimated Delivery: Mar-May/2023)

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Pieces of Fate FlipDie: Seven Realms dice coin set Includes:
-7 Themed metal dice coins (D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20)
-carrying/display box with foam insert


Pieces of Fate FlipDie: Dragons dice coin set Includes:
-7 Dragon themed metal dice coins (D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20)
-carrying/display box with foam insert


Seven Realms & Dragon Sets Bundle Includes 1 of each set with all included set accessories.


Pre-Order Timeline

Estimated Delivery: Mar-May/2023.
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Your exact delivery date will depend on various factors, and how quickly we can scale up production.
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Product Description

Each set includes 7 metal dice coins (D4,D6 D8 D10 D% D12 D20).
We currently offer 2 sets:
1. Seven Realms Set
2. Dragon Theme Set

A 7-dice coin set; Made out of metal; for RPG, Tabletop, or just for fun! See Our Video ⬇

Introducing "FlipDie" - The first dice you flip like a coin!

One coin,  many features.

What is FlipDie?

Our first set, "Pieces of Fate," are made with a Zinc Alloy that is tremendously strong, holds incredible detail, and has a machine-tooled interior to provide random fair results every single time.

Introducing the most unique 7-dice set you have ever seen. Bye-bye colorful plastic. Hello, beautiful shiny dice coins!

These highly thematic dice coins are perfect for incorporating into your adventure's lore or just simply using them as your go-to set of dice! 

Your fate lies within the flip of a coin!

What is the difference between FlipDie and regular dice?

Our patent pending FlipDie is a metal dice coin that has the same functionality as dice or any other random number generator, but instead of rolling it, you flip it like a coin!

Easy to Use

Just flip it, toss it or spin it like you would a regular coin.

When you 'roll' a FlipDie dice coin, a solid steel ball bearing chaotically ricochets around the inside of the dice coin. As the FlipDie settles on a flat surface, the bearing slides down one of the sloped channels to reveal itself along the edge of the coin.