The Infinidungeon. 100 feet of combined scrolling dungeons!

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Fit a full dungeon on any table with a real fog of war and a dungeon crawl unlike any other! Scroll and roll to reveal!

Every Dungeon Master needs some mega dungeons. Gone are the days giant print outs and drawing and redrawing dungeons and dungeon rooms. Roll Initiative!

 Over 45,000 sq ft of game terrain for 28mm scale miniatures. Push your party to their limits and see if they have what it takes to clear each dungeon. 

Just like last time we are shipping everywhere!

Over 17 ft long and 16 inches wide each scroll contains hours and hours of content

Push your party through the full dungeon. Or just open to any area as you need it just like the books! 

 5 full adventures, 5 dungeons to explore, 1 scroll to make your own!

 Use wet erase markers and stickers to design your own dungeon!

Each Infinidungeon is totally customizable so you can play how you want to.

Dry erase: 


 Static cling re-usable stickers:

boom, flying swords

 Spill proof, high quality: