Infinidungeon: Gates to the Castle
Infinidungeon: Gates to the Castle
Infinidungeon: Gates to the Castle
Infinidungeon: Gates to the Castle
Infinidungeon: Gates to the Castle
Infinidungeon: Gates to the Castle

Infinidungeon: Gates to the Castle

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Introducing the Infinidungeon Scroll | Over 5,000 scrolls sold

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  • Stop drawing maps, get straight to playing
  • Huge play surface for endless encounters
  • It scrolls! Roll to reveal with functional fog of war
  • Extremely durable, water-resistant
  • Wet erase for custom map modifications
  • Comes with a pre-written 10 page PDF adventure that will blow your mind!
  • Hand-drawn maps create a fully immersive environment filled with hazards, treasures, and secret areas
  • Usable with our static cling sticker packs
Handles not included (Sold Separately)

The Infinidungeon is 40 sq. ft. of dungeon building, dungeon crawling madness.

Each Infinidungeon is 20 ft long by 24 inches wide. 

Pre-printed with a 1-inch grid. Perfect for building sprawling maps and dungeons.

Roll to reveal - Pre create maps and roll to sections as you need them adding a real fog of war to your miniature games!

From the Gates to the Castle

In, "From the Gates, to the Castle," scale the ramparts, push through the city. Starting in the lower districts you will quickly find yourself among the wealthy. Push to the castle and stop the king! A perfect map for home base. A full sprawling city. Populated homes and storefronts. Courtyards and a massive castle keep!

Customer Reviews

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chris rhodes

The quality of the scroll is top notch. It far exceeded my expectations so much that I purchased a second one.

Chad G
Perfect in Every Way

Title says it all. The deal was awesome, and the maps turned out great. I've not yet been disappointed in the folks and products at Yarro.

Lars, Man of Letters
Maps with character!

I would like to start this by remarking that I was unable to participate in the kickstarters for these products, so I purchased them via the retail option offered on the website. The products were clearly presented and the transaction was quite easy.
One of the chief opportunities mentioned in reviews about the scrolling maps are the plastic pieces utilized to facilitate the scrolling function. With some careful application these pieces held up and were installed without issue. My only comment would be that it would make sense to include these in the purchase of the scrolling maps; they seem essential in order to enjoy the full functionality of the product.
These maps are well made, vivid, very adaptable, and incredibly useful. An entire campaign can be conducted with the town map/gates to the castle map alone. I also purchased the river map since decent river maps (save those made by Heroic Maps) are hard to come by.
I know VTT is the way most go, but I prefer hard copy, smudged character sheets, real dice, and maps...lots of maps. Cost can kick rocks!
Again, this product's imagery is superb and ample. The river scenes along with some other maps I have make for an immense landscape; an episodic rich environment to say the least.
I know this review was supposed to encompass the scrolling maps, but I also purchased the map book from the site. These maps are well made, lay flat, and are very adaptable to several encounter needs as well.
Overall I am very impressed with these products and I will continue to purchase products from Yarro as they come out. Alas, I missed their most recent kickstarter as well so I am patiently awaiting those items' appearance on the site. Thank you and kindest regards!

Daniel Lee

Infinidungeon: Gates to the Castle

Michael Angelisanti
Good price poor quality

I was excited to receive this awesome map. Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed in the overall print quality and vibrance.